0981 What Network Philippines? Globe or Smart?

0981 what network

Welcome to the dynamic world of telecommunications in the Philippines! In a country where connectivity plays a crucial role in everyday life, choosing the right network provider is essential. With two major players dominating the market – Globe and Smart – finding the perfect fit for your communication needs can be quite a challenge. So, in this blog post, we will dive into the details to help you answer that burning question: 0981 What Network should I choose? Let’s explore and compare Globe and Smart to see which one comes out on top!

The Two Major Players: Globe and Smart

When it comes to the telecommunications industry in the Philippines, two major players dominate the market – Globe and Smart. These companies have been competing fiercely to provide users with top-notch services and innovative solutions for their communication needs.

Globe Telecom, known for its modern branding and wide range of offerings, has established itself as a leading provider of mobile services. With a strong focus on customer experience, Globe continuously upgrades its network infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity across the country.

On the other hand, Smart Communications boasts a robust network that covers even remote areas in the Philippines. Recognized for its innovative products and services, Smart is constantly striving to enhance user experiences through cutting-edge technology and partnerships.

Both Globe and Smart offer competitive pricing plans tailored to different consumer needs. Whether you’re looking for affordable prepaid options or comprehensive postpaid packages with premium perks, these telecom giants have got you covered.

Coverage and Network Quality Comparison

When it comes to choosing a mobile network in the Philippines, one of the crucial factors to consider is coverage and network quality. Both Globe and Smart have extensive coverage across the country, with their networks reaching even remote areas.

Globe boasts a wide-reaching network that covers most urban and rural areas, providing reliable connectivity for its subscribers. On the other hand, Smart also offers comprehensive coverage with a strong presence in key cities and provinces.

In terms of network quality, both Globe and Smart continuously invest in upgrading their infrastructure to provide faster data speeds and better call quality. Users often report satisfactory experiences with both networks in terms of reliability and signal strength.

When deciding between Globe or Smart based on coverage and network quality, it’s essential to consider your specific location and usage patterns to determine which provider best suits your needs.

Pricing and Packages Offered by Globe and Smart

When it comes to pricing and packages, Globe and Smart both offer competitive deals in the Philippines. Globe provides a variety of prepaid and postpaid options tailored to different needs – whether you’re a heavy data user or just need basic call and text services. On the other hand, Smart also offers flexible plans with generous data allocations and perks like free streaming subscriptions.

Globe often focuses on value-added services such as entertainment bundles or exclusive partnerships while Smart emphasizes its fast LTE network speeds for seamless connectivity. Both telcos regularly introduce promotions like discounts on devices or bonus data for new subscribers.

Before deciding on a network, consider your usage habits and budget constraints to determine which provider aligns best with your needs. Comparing the pricing structures of Globe and Smart can help you make an informed decision based on what matters most to you – whether it’s affordability, data allocation, or additional perks offered in their packages.

Customer Service and Support

When it comes to customer service and support, both Globe and Smart strive to provide assistance to their subscribers whenever needed. Whether you have questions about your billing statement or encounter technical issues with your mobile data, both networks offer various channels for customers to reach out for help.

Globe provides a dedicated hotline where customers can speak with a representative directly, while Smart offers online chat support for quick assistance. In addition, both networks have extensive FAQs on their websites to address common queries without the need for contacting customer service.

In terms of response time and resolution efficiency, feedback from users varies between Globe and Smart. Some customers praise the promptness of Globe’s customer service team in resolving issues, while others appreciate the detailed troubleshooting guidance provided by Smart’s support staff.

The level of satisfaction with customer service may vary depending on individual experiences and preferences.

Special Features and Promotions

When it comes to special features and promotions, both Globe and Smart aim to attract customers with exciting offerings.

Globe provides perks like free data for specific apps, exclusive content access, and loyalty rewards through their Globe Rewards program. They also offer partnerships with popular streaming services for a seamless entertainment experience.

On the other hand, Smart focuses on value-added services such as GigaPoints for rewards, data rollover for unused data allocation, and discounts on device bundles. Their GigaLife app also allows users to manage their accounts conveniently.

Both telcos frequently run promotions like discounted rates on prepaid load or postpaid plans, limited-time offers on devices, and special deals during holidays or events. Keeping an eye out for these promotions can help you maximize your benefits from either network.

Choosing the Right Network for You

When it comes to choosing the right network for you in the Philippines, there are several factors to consider. First, think about your location and which provider offers better coverage in your area. Globe and Smart have extensive networks but might differ in certain regions.

Consider your usage habits as well. If you rely heavily on data or need fast internet speeds, compare the packages offered by both providers. Look into their pricing plans and promotions to see which one aligns best with your budget and needs.

Customer service is also crucial when selecting a network. Check reviews or ask friends for feedback on their experiences with Globe and Smart’s support services. Special features like freebies, rewards programs, or unique add-ons can sway your decision too.

The choice between Globe and Smart boils down to what matters most to you – whether it’s coverage, pricing, customer service, or special perks that enhance your mobile experience.


When choosing between Globe and Smart in the Philippines, consider factors such as coverage, network quality, pricing, customer service, special features, and promotions. Both networks offer competitive services tailored to different needs. Take the time to assess your requirements and preferences before making a decision. Whether you prioritize nationwide coverage or affordable packages, there is a network that will suit you best. Make an informed choice based on what matters most to you and enjoy seamless connectivity in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines.

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